The Best Contractors’ Insurance Service and Protection in GTA Toronto and North Ontario

What does good Contractors’ Insurance mean to you? Peace of mind? Security for your business? Regulatory compliance? A powerful sales tool? A valuable statement about the strength and integrity of your business?

All of these, of course — providing you know you can count on it to protect you when things go wrong. Providing it covers you against the soaring cost of liability lawsuits (that’s Contractors’ Liability Insurance). Providing it’s tailored to the very special needs of your business. And providing you got it at the right price from the right broker.

The best insurance for contractors and general trades can make the difference between success and failure. It’s a shield against the scores of costly hazards and risks you face every day. And it means you can put your mind to where it should be focused — the health and success of your business.

In GTA Toronto and across much of North Ontario, hundreds of firms enjoy all of these benefits thanks to the expertise and experience of one of the region’s foremost Contractors’ Insurance brokers — MCR Insurance Brokers.

They rely on us not just to deliver customized insurance for contractors and general trades, but also to provide guidance on areas like risk management and compliance, as well as support if or when they need to make a claim.

The MCR General Contractors’ Insurance Program

By customized Contractors’ Insurance, we mean a program of protection built around your company, one that takes account of your particular trade or trades and the associated hazards, one that works with your budget and one that’s flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

It draws from a wide range of options that include:

  • Property insurance for contractors — protection for your building, tools, machinery and equipment against all manner or perils, like theft or fire.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance for contractors — protecting your equipment if it fails through incidents like power surges, mechanical breakdown, burnout or even operator error.
  • Contractors’ Liability Insurance to protect you against lawsuits, defence costs and settlements relating to customer or employee personal injury or property damage in the course of your business activities.
  • Protection against business disruption and loss of income when your activities are interrupted by a covered event or when you’re unable to work due to events beyond your control.

We can also provide a range of construction-related bonds, sureties and certifications that may be required either by local regulations or project commissioning organizations who want to be sure you — and they — are properly protected.

Why You’re Better Off with MCR

You get much more than a basic service when you work with MCR for your Contractors’ Insurance.

We have a team of experts who can answer all your questions and provide guidance on many issues including risk mitigation and regulatory compliance (including certification for municipal codes).

And because we’re an independent insurance broker covering much of Northern Ontario and GTA Toronto, we work with many highly reputable insurers so we can arrange the right insurance and negotiate the most competitive rates.

Add to that the legendary support and customer service that has made MCR Insurance Brokers one of the leading names in specialist coverage in the Toronto GTA and North Ontario.

That service includes direct billing, with premium payment installment options, and a full concierge support service available 24/7 — a comprehensive approach to customer service that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Why You Should Act Now

You want to be able to give full focus to your clients’ needs. So do we. By talking with the Contractors’ Insurance and Contractors’ Liability Insurance experts at MCR Insurance Brokers, you can set aside worries about most risks and concentrate on your business.

Furthermore, a consultation with MCR’s experts will cost you nothing. Even if you already have Contractors’ Insurance, we can review your coverage to check you’re properly protected.

Find out now why MCR is the best solution for your Contractors Insurance needs.

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